In this tutorial,we are tackle the problem of imbalanced dataset and get the knowledge of how to spot them easily and SMOTE technique

Let’s say you just graduated from college and you looking for a job.One of the company that you applied before, sending you a case study including classification task.You done preprocessing,implementing various techniques,finding the right model etc. and then fit the model for test set see how it can manage the unseen data and you got the result of %93.52 accuraccy.You suddenly become so happy and you thought your model was done a great job.Then …

If you are interested in machine learning and while you watching a video, visiting a repository or reading a machine learning article there is some terms that you definitely encounter with.It is ENCODİNG!

Encoding is the process of converting data from one form to another.You don’t change any information about the data, only representation is changing.In machine learning encoding is the task of converting categorical features into numerical.Let’s get started to understand Label Encoding.

1.Label Encoding

Before we dive into Label Encoding there is one concepts we should cover.It is Ordinal Scale.

An Ordinal scale is a variable in which…

Murat Demiralay

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